Looking for A Pot of Gold?

With Stpot-of-gold Patrick’s Day right around the corner, here’s an Irish riddle. What is the color of green, has hundreds of legs, long brown hair and a pot of gold? Read more to find the answer.
Most small business owners work extremely hard for many years before they find success; or their pot of gold. And, along the way, they inevitably encounter their fair share of ups and downs. But, sometimes, they get lucky.
Actually, there are some surprising similarities to St. Patrick’s story, the patron saint of Ireland and small business success. He was sold into slavery at a young age. As many of you may know, it is not uncommon to feel enslaved by one’s business because there is just too much to do and too few resources.
After six years, Patrick escaped slavery and studied in the monastery for 12 years. It was here that he realized his mission was to convert pagans to Christianity. Ultimately, he became very successful which upset the competition, the Celtic Druids. Similarly, small business owners can find their “calling” by studying the marketplace to learn what unique benefit they can deliver that fulfills a deeply felt need or want. This will help them develop the focus and discipline they need to achieve success.
Although there is no evidence to support some of the folklore about St Patrick including how he raised the dead and drove all the snakes from Ireland, he did use a three-leafed shamrock in his sermons to explain the three separate elements of the Christian Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit). In spite of this fact, many people associate the shamrock with luck. Even though there is no denying that luck may have played a part in the story of every successful business, small business owners who rely on luck are taking an enormous risk.
Small business owners must also be able to integrate three separate, but essential elements if they want to create a successful and sustainable business:

  • Do something better, faster, cheaper than the competition or create a new category.
  • Be the easiest company to find when people look for your type of product and/services.
  • Become an indispensable asset to customers, prospective clients and the community.

What some of you may not know is that St Patrick’s birth name was Maewyn and in his youth, he was a pagan. He changed his name when he converted to Christianity. Sometimes, it is necessary for a small business owner to change the name of their business when they want to change directions.
Today, St Patrick’s Day is a secular rather than religious celebration. Wearing green, drinking beer and pretending to be Irish are all part of the fun. So, just for fun, what is the history behind this Irish phrase commonly used in American language, “Beyond the pale”?
Many people feel celebrating St Patrick’s Day in Saint Paul makes them feel a bit more Irish. Saint Paul, according to Wikipedia, was named the capital of the Minnesota Territory in 1849. The settlement originally began at present-day Lambert’s Landing, but was referred to as Pig’s Eye when Pierre “Pig’s Eye” Parrant established a popular tavern there.
Since then, the Irish have played an integral part in the founding and the growth of the city. Assisted by Archbishop John Ireland, among the thousands of Irish who immigrated to Eastern cities in America, a large percentage ended up settling in Saint Paul.

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